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Wartune Astral Trick

Wartune Astral Trick

Wartune New MMORPG. Tutorials by KingTuts Please Like this video How to get more orange astrals and trick to how the top players get them so quickly.

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  1. wow a stupid post lol

  2. I tried this and what it does is if the planet goes down instead of up, then the planet will only drop by 1 planet instead of going all the way back to planet 1 if you have all the red arrows lit up. It is nice

  3. I think you should consult a doctor…

  4. Thx for the tip! i’ve played fer a year and i’ve only gotten 3 orange astrals.

  5. This is not a troll or scam or anything else …. it was my first post and i was still getting the hang of things ….. the reason why the points are up and down is because to make the video smaller i used screenshots of what the process should look like at a given stage ….. it is not in real time ….. this is not fake or game bug as wartune staff are aware of it and it is a part of the game.

  6. Try to play video in full screen …. you can see the writing.

  7. maybe stupid to you but helpful to some people.

  8. i need a hack tool can you give me a link to one no surveys no bullshit

  9. stupid video its not wrking

  10. Okay, I tried this and it sort of works. Got to planet 4 with all arrows lit, but took more clicks than described and. many more actually because if you click a lower planet as described and it turns out to be a misfortune, then one or more of the arrows go out and u have to start the whole click thing from the beginning to get back to where u were. So basically, I ran out of gold and only made it to planet 4 w/ all arrows lit twice and got only green and blue astrals…

  11. it works

  12. it works thank you .

  13. amazing….

  14. Marcel Gheorghescu

    sorry but i didn’t get it…..this video u made is in photo viewer…so how this can work in the game????
    pls answer me at grizlly000@yahoo.com
    ty for ur time

  15. works like a charm. thanks for sharing :)

  16. John Arthur Manuzon

    thanks for sharing….

  17. thx 

  18. Slightly unrelated post, but how many servers do you play on in Wartune? Is it a good idea to play on more than one server?

  19. Wow thanks. This actually works!

  20. Jesus christ! Might not be troll but how about not typing in all caps and some punctuation at all, correct or not.

  21. Robert is right, when I got to planet 3 and made sure all previous arrows were light up then tried to proceed to planet 4 I was dropped to planet 2 then to planet 1 when trying to get to planet 3 with previous arrows light up. There is no guarantee that you will progress to the next level as the video suggests.

  22. It works i got an orange astral and red astral on the same day thank you man this is super secret very generous of u to tell it to the world

  23. wow grammar nazi.
    Do u really have to complain about the punctuation and maybe he was doing all Caps so it would be easier to read idk. Just be happy he was nice enough to show this instead of complaining.

  24. hellotheremissnur

    this is actually really helpful :D

  25. Thanks man… this is really really helpful 😀

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